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Online offsite backups

Did you know that 20% of business’s WILL lose some data AT LEAST ONCE EVERY 12 MONTHS?

Don't be part of the statistics. Use IronTree to safely backup your data with our secure online storage system.

LOVE your data. Why?  Because it gives you:
*A record of business activity
*A source of business intelligence
*Good corporate governance
*Large cost of re-instating lost data in time,
money, lost revenue and frustration.

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Antivirus and malware solution

Panda Technologies offers a range of antivirus, malware and randsomeware protection solutions.

With different solutions for home and business users you can be sure that they will have a solution that will fit your requirements.

Being one of the top providers or randsomeware protection, we recommend their solutions with great ease of mind and confidence.

Explore the various solutions here, or sign up for your free trial. 

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Analyzer reporting

Having 15 years of experience in data management and custom reporting, we realised that this is a very valuable tool to offer our clients.

Analyzer™ provides a powerful, self-service business intelligence solution that allows managers to explore, visualize, publish, and share actionable insights in minutes. Users can ask questions of their data to uncover trends, opportunities, and projections. Business executives can examine the overall performance of the company or the success of a specific division in an instant. The opportunities are endless.

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