Sale Period: 4 - 31 December 2023

Cloud Deals:

- 30% Discount on 12-month subscriptions for Basic, Standard, and Professional plans.
- 35% Discount on ALL Enterprise plans for 12-month subscriptions.

Both new and existing clients can take advantage of these offers, perfect for those looking to upgrade.

Please note: Discounts are not applicable for renewals of the same subscription plan or downgrades.

On-premise Specials:

- Save 15% on all new On-premise keys (Business 50 - 500 and Enterprise 1000 editions).
- Enjoy a 25% Discount on upgrades between editions, including Enterprise 1000.

Important: On-premise upgrade discounts are valid only for purchases made before December 1st, 2023.

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The cost of implementing a solution.

For large scale implementations we prefer the following process
1. Detailed needs analysis (Scoping)
2. Implementation proposal
3. Project plan with implementation and payment dates.

For less complex implementations
1. Detailed needs analysis (Scoping)
2. Implementation proposal
Invoice for 5 or 10 hours to use for the implementation.

Our consulting rate is R860 (Ex VAT) but you can buy bulk hours at a discounted rate.

Factors that will affect your implementation cost.

Data importingĀ 
Configurable dashboards
Setup of custom data fieldsĀ 
Setup CRM Forms to collect additional data
Dashboard, management and operational reports that are needed.
Workflows and how complex they are.
Setup document templates
Admin and user training


Support bundles can be used over a time period of 6 months. If hours are depleted another bundle can be bought or consulting can be invoices at the standard consulting rate. Hours not used within the 6 month period will expire and will not be valid anymore.


20 hours @ R756

R 15 132
EXCL. vat


30 hours @ R 727

R 21 825

Flight planner

40 hours @ R698

R 27 936

Flight planner Max

50 hours @ R679

R 33 950

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