The key to making sound decisions with the aid of financial reports is having clear, accurate, and up-to-date information.

Real-time Visibility Across the Business
See your reports in visual formats like graphs and dials grouped to together by account group i.e. Cash Management Dashboard - Financial KPI Dashboard - Profit and Loss Dashboard - Financial Performance Dashboard

Role-Specific Interactive Dashboards
Today, almost every role in an organization can benefit from business intelligence dashboards. Use our role-based BI dashboards that deliver self-service analytics to any user—no data expertise required. 

Snapshot installs in minutes. Immediately customize, filter and share Business information at a fraction of time and cost compared to competitors. Book your demo now and we setup your 14-day free trial connected to your own financial data. No credit card required.

Forget spreadsheet reporting, waiting for customized projects or relying on external tools.

Work process

Why use dashboards?   I have reports?

what does Alexander Forbes say?

Graphs and visuals encourage storytelling, a sign of active interaction with the numbers.

Seeing the numbers visualized prompts the question: “Why did we bring in less revenue than projected this quarter?” A practical conversation ensues: “Our income is actually highly seasonal. Should our revenue budget be modified to reflect this?”  ...skollworldforum

so what is a dashboard?

Like a car dashboard, the objective of dashboard reporting
is to provide clear and concise information of the key drivers
of business performance. Dashboard reporting should be a
synopsis of business operations and provide information in
a visual format that is easy to read, remembered and
understood by key decision makers in a business. This
should in turn improve decision making.  CPA Australia

What does wiki say about this?

Digital dashboards allow managers to monitor the contribution of the various departments in their organization. To gauge exactly how well an organization is performing overall, digital dashboards allow you to capture and report specific data points from each department within the organization, thus providing a "snapshot" of performance.  Wikipedia

What does the customers say?

Snapshot provides our business with quick, accurate financial business information in a variety of dashboard formats. Snapshot has proven to be extremely useful to our managers for reporting and as a decision-making tool. We would highly recommend Snapshot as a reporting tool for other businesses.  Barbara Stearn, BCP Precast

The snapshot story 

Plus Software, the developers of Snapshot, started out life similar to the way most Start Up’s are born – a recognition of a gap in the mid-tier Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market.

Snapshot Business Intelligence and Reporting is easy plug and play, cost effective BI for mid-tier organisations.

Having worked in the mid-tier business software space for many years, we saw the need for a better BI Solution – an easier “plug and play,” low barrier to using BI tool, with lower costs and almost instant Return on Investment.

Snapshot does that and more, providing a new way of mining your data, coupled with a wealth of community Dashboards that continue to grow. 

We allow Partners access to our programming and logic to make the customization and tailoring process faster and more cost effective. By Snapshot providing the heavy lifting, in conjunction with our unique Web Dashboard technology, we are confident we have the most cost effective BI platform available for the mid market.

As a developer of mid market solutions for many of the worlds most popular business software solutions, you can visit our Plus Software site to review our other products at www.plussoftsolutions.com.   - Pete Whalley

Read a bit more about the focused dashboards per department of business divisions.

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