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Sign-up for your own voip number

Costs for using Bitrix24 Telephony as your PBX/Switchboard

  1.  CRM software - Bitrix24 subscription
  2.  SIP(Make outgoing calls in Bitrix24) - Monthly Bitrix24 SIP Subscription $49 payable to Bitrix24
  3.  Calls/Minutes - VOiP service provider FullView Solutions for FPComs

Numbers cost 
Geographical Number – South Africa - First Number Free 
Every additional number - R125 per month
PORTING SERVICES  - Single Geographical Number  R200.00 

Call costs Max P/Min 

MTN / Vodacom                        0.79 
Cell C                                           0.79
Telkom Mobile / 8Ta                 0.79 
Landlines                                    0.35
Other (VoIP, Ported, etc)          0.49 
On-Net                                        0.08 

Terms and conditions

The Service

1. The Service will allow you to place and receive VOIP communications, (such as making or receiving calls, sending or receiving messages) over a data network such as the internet.

2. Upon activation of the Service, you will by default be assigned 1 (one) VOIP Number which may be used by you unless you are porting a number to this VOIP Service in which event the ported number will be your assigned VOIP Number. Porting costs are not included in your initial setup.

4. The Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that service quality and coverage available to the Subscriber shall be determined by the data-, fixed-line-, wireless- or GSM Network service providers and the services may be from time to time be adversely affected by physical, atmospheric and other conditions.

5. We specifically do not guarantee, warrant or represent that:
• our rates are cheaper than normal telephone calls or any other calls;
• should you use an emergency services number that it will operate correctly and/or that your location will be ascertainable based on your number; or
• all local telephone numbers can be called
• Calling of international numbers have to be requested


1. FullView Solutions shall invoice the Subscriber monthly and the Subscriber undertakes to pay FullView Solutions within 7 (Seven) days of the date of invoice all charges occurred.

2.The Subscriber accepts that the service shall automatically be suspended by FullView Solutions upon failure by the Subscriber to pay of any amounts due. In such event as well as in the event of suspension by third parties of services to the Subscriber, FullView Solutions shall have the right to charge a reconnection fee.

3. In the case were an account is regularly overdue or becomes material in size, the Reseller reserves the right to require a pre-paid amount from the Subscriber equal to the average of the previous 3 month’s accounts.

4. In the event of termination by the Subscriber all costs occured in the current billing period will still be invoiced.

5. Rates per minute vary according to the destination which is called.

6. Apart from our Charges you will also be charged for data and services by your Broadband Internet service provider for access to the internet

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