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Time to Celebrate!!!

Guess who won awards at the Bitrix24 2023 International Partner awards?

We’re so grateful to our customers, staff, and everyone involved in our business that made it possible. These awards are given to Bitrix24 partners globally for their achievements in 2023 and we brought home a few. Well done Team FullView Solutions!!!

1st place  - Best Leads Performer

2nd place - Best Bitrix24 Vertical Solution - Real Estate

3rd Place - Enterprise Cloud Reseller

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


Below more detail about about Real Estate Solution.

Please contact us if you would be interested in implementing this solution in your real estate business.

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Lead Management

Our solution seamlessly integrates with two of the largest property aggregator platforms in South Africa, converting inquiries from their website into Bitrix24 leads. This eliminates the need to recapture information, significantly reducing errors and response times. Additionally, for two specific customers, we integrate with a phone system featuring a unique phone number per property estate and website. This integration automatically creates leads, displaying the source and the specific property estate the buyer is interested in. Through business processes, we monitor and ensure that agents follow up promptly on all generated leads.

Credit Checks

Using the integration we developed, a user in Bitrix24 can perform a credit check of a buyer/tenant directly from Bitrix24, either at the lead stage or deal stage. The credit score, as well as the credit report, is then saved in Bitrix24 within the corresponding lead/deal


We utilize the standard communication channels in Bitrix24, including email and phones via the SIP connector. Moreover, we integrate SMS and WhatsApp for customer communication.

Real Estate Holistic solution

Bitrix24 Vertical Solution from Fullview for the real estate market stands out as a comprehensive, innovative, and tailored solution. We currently have 16 customers in real estate using Bitrix24, with 11 focusing mostly on sales and 5 focusing on rentals only. We allow the customers to decide which of the Integration Suite they want to use, which allows them to manage their costs. 

This year we managed to migrate an international Real Estate group from HubSpot into Bitrix24. Only their South African and Namibia divisions are currently using Bitrix24 for 32 branches, but hopefully, we can get the whole group worldwide onto Bitrix24.

Our solution represents a fusion of innovative technologies and industry-specific insights. By incorporating emerging technologies and staying attuned to real estate trends, we have created a forward-thinking solution that positions our clients for success.

Solution Features

Property Listings

Property Listings for Sale
Ensures properties listed on external websites are synchronized in real-time in an SPA, allowing agents to view properties with their relevant specifications.

Available Properties to Let:
Bitrix24's workflow automation seamlessly manages property status changes, automating transitions, especially from vacant to occupied, based on predefined triggers.

Maintenance request

Maintenance requests are logged by tenants using Bitrix24 forms and SPAs. Additionally, we have developed a custom HTML form for cases where the we need to return the log number of the request that was submitted to the tenant


Rental contracts are automatically sent to the parties that need to sign the contract using document templates and the e-signature integration we developed. These e-signatures are compliant with South African law for rental contracts, and we are actively working towards achieving compliance for property sales as well.

Scalability and Adaptability

Recognizing the diverse nature of the real estate market, our vertical solution is designed to be scalable and adaptable. Whether dealing with small-scale property management or large-scale real estate transactions, our solution caters to businesses of all sizes. The biggest agency using Bitrix24 builds and sells around 6,000 houses annually. The biggest rental agent using our solution manages more than 8,000 units. Everything is managed using our solution in Bitrix24.

New features in Bitrix24

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