Terms of Service

The 1st thing to note is that FullView are resellers of Bitrix24 and that we do not own the product. The Terms of Service (TOS) are not within our control. Bitrix24 do amend the TOS from time to time for various reasons.

The summary of the changes are listed below

Changes to BITRIX24 terms of service

We are updating our Terms of Service.
Here is a summary of the changes to the TERMS OF SERVICE, which will be effective on June 24, 20‍22. If you continue to use our products and services on or after June 24, 20‍22, you are agreeing to the updated Terms of Service.

1. Please note that we have added a Class Actions Waiver governing disputes arising from use of the Bitrix24 Website, Services, and Products, which affects your legal rights as detailed in the Waiver of Class Action section (please refer to section 29).
2. Bitrix24 is not responsible for the third parties' services suspension or discontinuation (please refer to §9.2).
3. The Terms have been supplemented with section 30 describing Force Majeure events.
4. For the purpose of clarification, we have updated the term “Administrator” (please refer to §4.2).
5. We have updated the text and added structure to the §1.1., §1.4., section 7, §8.1., §12.6., and §13.1.
6. Also, in §31.1. we have clarified how Bitrix24 may send you legally significant notices, including those connected with the Terms of Service. 

What is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is software. Think of it as an operating system for your business with more than 35 tools, designed to help you run your business more efficiently.

These tools are grouped into 5 major components that makes up the Bitrix24 eco system.

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As your Bitrix24 Gold partner we are available for support with your configuration and implementation as well as licence purchases. 

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